Products & Services

Analysis of Specifications and Design

  • Establishment of functional requirements towards achieving project Objectives and optimize the exploitation of the results and / or ICT solutions
  • Evaluation of existing infrastructure (Customers ; optimization proposals set up
  • Finalization of Technical specifications of  products / services (precision, update status, access issues, etc)
  • Search / Availability of existing solutions and / or data
  • Area of Interest/ Sector of Application
  • Integration/ Interoperability Requirements


Management of the Implementation and Expertise

  • Analytic determination of the realization work flow (interdependencies)
  • Highly specialized human resources
  • Continuous optimization of production efficiency (IT infrastructure / tools upgrade)
  • Commitment to specific strategy and measures for continuous training of the personnel and upgrade of relevant skills and expertise
  • Application of a Certified Quality Management System - periodically revised and constantly improving through systematic control of predefined performance indicators


Subject of Work

  • Processing of existing, digital and / or analog, data (topographic, terrestrial measurements results, thematic geoinformation levels, etc.)
  • Digital image processing (e.g. satellite images, aerial photos, terrestrial image acquisitions (images, videos, etc), etc)
  • Homogenization, integration, synthesis and update of existing data and creation of information layers
  • Design, development and maintenance of database management applications (update, edit, consistency checks, standardization / cartographic representation of data, etc.)
  • Design, development and maintenance of integrated information/ geoinformation systems
  • Design, development, update and distribution (web) of geo-information
  • Specification, Supply and installation of infrastructure
  • Knowledge Transfer (Training, Technical Support & Help Desk)