Development of a web Application in the context of the KATHENAS project developments, 2001,TREDIT SA


Transeuropean Consultants for Transport, Development and Information Technology S.A. (TREDIT S.A.) || General Secretariat of Research & Technology (G.S.R.T.) / Operational Program of Research & Technology (OPRT ΙΙ)

Time Frame:

03/2000 - 03/2001


System of recording, evaluation and information provision regarding accessibility of urban environment by PSN - ΚΑTHENAS.

The web application developed under the program, enables Disabled people to find information relating to buildings of by public / municipal services as the characterization of their accessibility by disabled persons, transport lines, buildings photo, etc.
Application area: Sub set of the Athens Municipalities.
The application design and implementation was based on the "client" model. The (web) user can "download" locally both maps and executable code without special software requirements.
The development of the application involved the usage of the Jshape programming toolbox. Interaction with the user is assured through the JavaScript that communicates with the Java application, and is embedded in HTML pages.
Browser of the User: The application has been successfully tested with Internet Explorer and the Netscape Navigator / Communicator.



  • Analysis of Users' needs / Operational requirements
  • Design, development and maintenance of the application
  • Knowledge Transfer: Training of the system managers, technical support