GSE Forest Monitoring, 2003 & 2005, ESA



European Space Agency (ESA)

Time Frame:

03/2003 - 12/2004 (Stage 1) & 10/2005 - 05/2009 (Stage 2)


Multi-Temporal mapping / monitoring of forest cover and assessment of forest biomass changes for the needs of Forest Management Projects of the MRD&F and towards managing industrial emissions according to the requirements of the Kyoto Protocol. Financial Framework: Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Program (GMES) Service Element (GSE) of the European Space Agency (ESA).
During the first stage of GSE the consortium has worked in parallel with the respective core user groups to consolidate the service-portfolios. GEOAPIKONISIS has developed a service portfolio designed to address, among other, the Greek Core users’ need for forest areas monitoring in the frame of the UNFCC and its Kyoto Protocol reporting framework.
During this second stage the GSE FM consortium has worked with the aim to expand the geographic but also the applicability and performance of the consolidated (during Stage 1) services.
The services are primarily based on EO data sources, but make best use of in-situ monitoring data. The services have consistently meet levels of quality, as required by end-users, and adapted responsively to evolving (more demanding) user needs.
The company developed and applied the validation protocol and performed quality audits to the whole of the services that were developed.


Study areas:

  • Portugal - Spain
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece



  • User Requirements Analysis
  • Digital processing of satellite data and aerial photos
  • Ground Surveying
  • Design, development & maintenance of procedures (processing algorithms, workflows, validation of results, environment of satellite images processing)
  • Design, development, maintenance and implementation of GIS - RDBMS systems
  • Design and development of Demonstration Applications
  • Design and Implementation of the Quality Audit of the GSE-FM services
  • Users' Training