Controls with Remote Sensing towards applying the simplified payment scheme based on areas in the context of the IACS, 2005, CAPO-Cyprus


Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization (CAPO)

Time Frame:

03/2005 - 11/2005


The project was carried out in the frame of the sample control activities carried out every year from the relevant administration bodies (in this case CAPO) to check upon fraud in the declarations (cultivated area, crop type) of farmers.
Usage of multi-temporal satellite images of high and very high spatial resolution in two control areas. Verification of compliance in implementing Good Agricultural Practices.



  • Design, development, maintenance and implementation of GIS - RDBMS systems
  • Digital image processing and interpretation
  • Pre-processing and digitization of geo-spatial data 
  • Ground surveying and establishment of photo-interpretation keys 
  • Maps composition & printing