Edition of eco-touristic maps of the Prespa area, 2008, S.P.P



Society for the Protection of Prespa (S.P.P.)

Time Frame:

11/2008 - 04/2009


Design and realization of Data Base and digital maps with eco-touristic information. Supply and processing of satellite images (very high resolution, IKONOS, 1m, 2006 acquisition). Delimitation and classification of land cover / land use polygons, digitization of linear and point entities through photo interpretation of satellite images.
Field surveying; Verification of land cover / land use and measurement of control points coordinates. Integration of Points of Special Interest (e.g Resting locations, Information Center, Meadows with Daffodils, etc.)



  • User Requirements Analysis
  • Design and implementation of the land cover / land use nomenclature
  • Processing and photointerpretation of satellite images
  • Design and implementation of GIS - RDBMS Systems
  • Digital processing and integration of Geo-data 
  • Map Edition