Integrated Geographic Information System of Orestiada, 2007, Municipal Authority


HELLAS, Municipality of Orestiada

Time Frame:

10/2007 - 06/2009


Design and Development of an integrated information System dealing with operational requirements for geospatial information management and exchange within the municipal services.
Software supply: Geographic Information System (GIS), online geographic data distribution software (Web GIS) & Database (RDBMS).
Development of Subsystems addressing Management of Assets & Services; Urban Settings, Building Permits, Electro-lighting Network, Road Network, Cleaning Services Network, Inter-municipal Police Network, Communal Services, Municipal space Licensing Operations, Water Supply - Sewage Network.



  • User Needs Analysis / Operational Requirements
  • Supply of Hardware & Software Equipment
  • Collection, classification and processing / integration of Geo-information; diagrams, maps, Points of Interest, etc
  • Design, development and maintenance:
    • Information Technology (IT) Systems & 
    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • System installation / configuration
  • Knowledge Transfer: Training & Technical Support