Integrated Information Management System of Cultural and Sports Facilities of Ziros, 2014, Municipal Authority


HELLAS, Municipality of Ziros

Time Frame:

12/2014 - 10/2015


Design and implementation of an online Geographic Information System, which integrates information and data cultural and sports events and infrastructure and includes:
1. Appropriately documented Points of cultural, sports and touristic interest of the municipality; descriptions, equipment, business hours, photos, etc.)
2. Interaction with citizens (reservations of 5x5, basketball, etc., courts, etc.)
3. Appropriately documented Routes of Scenic and/or historical interest: Dynamic maps enriched with multimedia content in selected locations - Virtual tour,
4. Organized multimedia content (images, videos) for the tourist and cultural promotion of the Municipality




  • User Needs Analysis / Operational Requirements
  • Collection, Classification and processing / integration of multimedia content and Geo-information
  • Design, Development and Maintenance: Information Technology (IT) Systems & Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • System Installation / Configuration
  • Knowledge Transfer: Training, Technical Support