Methodological analysis of the results of the "LUCAS 2001" survey, 2002, EUROSTAT



EUROPEAN COMMISSION / EUROSTAT / Unit F2: Agricultural products and fisheries

Time Frame:

12/2001 - 12/2002


The project involves the assessment of the effectiveness of the LUCAS survey methodology and organizational approach, following the experience of implementation in 2001, as well as the specification of alternative / optimized approaches. In this context, an analysis of the basic technical specifications was implemented (e.g. classification scheme, sampling plan, environmental information, assessment methods, implementation / organizational aspects). The statistical methods were also thoroughly examined and analyzed towards optimizing the survey results in relation to the sampling design, calculation of estimates, post-stratification etc.

The analysis allowed for appropriate recommendations for the project (annual surveys) future development and implementation and the amendment - among other - of relevant technical specifications and implementation guidelines.



  • User Requirements Analysis
  • Communication with EU Member States Public Services and European Institutions
  • Design, development and implementation of a GIS - RDBMS data processing system
  • Design of an optimized management of the LUCAS Project 
  • Methodological Developments; Statistical Analysis
  • Data analysis for 11 EU Member States