Road Network of Cyprus, 2009, CYSTAT


REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS, Ministry of Finances, Statistical Service (CYSTAT)

Time Frame:

01/2009 - 01/2010


Generation of the Cyprus Road Network Geo-Database. The whole of the roads of the non-occupied part of Cyprus  (road types, names, numbering, etc.). Digitization of vector data through digitizing Very High Resolution satellite data.  Ground surveying assisted by an (own) developed Mobile GPS-GIS platform.



  • Pilot Phase Implementation (Assessment of User Requirements)
  • Design, development, maintenance and implementation of GIS - RDBMS Systems
  • Collection and classification of geo Information
  • Digitization and processing of geo-spatial data 
  • Digital image processing and interpretation
  • Ground surveying
  • Supply, installation and configuration of commercial software and hardware 
  • Users training