Set up of the Vineyards Register and the Geographic Information System on the Olive Oil Sector in Greece, 2001, MRD&F



HELLENIC REUBLIC, Ministry of Rural Development and Foods (MRD&F)

Time Frame:

06/2001 - 07/2004


Ground surveying and first / summary assessment of parcels limits.

Collection, integration, management and processing of raster, vector and alphanumeric information of 180.000 declarations (Vineyards and Olive plantations), 900.000 parcels and 25.000.000 olive trees.

Completeness, Correctness and Conformance control of the submitted declarations.

Verification of the declarations data; olive trees counting / detection on orthophotos.

Ground surveying for locating / verifying declarations data.

Maps edition and printing; large scale cadastral map (scale ≥ 1:5000).


Study Areas: Prefectures of Heraklion, Pieria, Viotia and Fthiotida.



  • Operation and management of Offices for the submission of the declarations
  • Reception and briefing of the farmers
  • Collection of the farmers’ declarations (vine and/or olive)
  • Digitization of the declarations content
  • Digitization and processing of urban plans and maps
  • Design - Development - Maintenance and Implementation of an integrated GIS-RDΒMS System
  • Public Display of the collected and processed (declarations') data
  • Collection and processing of objections submitted by the farmers - Presentation of proposals (for the handling of the objections) to the relative Committee