Update of the Corine Land Cover data base for the year 2000, 2004, HEMCO


Hellenic Mapping and Cadastral Organization (H.E.M.C.O.)

Time Frame:

01/2004 - 09/2004


Production of the CORINE Land Cover (European Environment Agency) information for the Greek territory and the year 2000.
Delimitation of land use / cover and changes through photointerpretation of multi-temporal / multispectral satellite images for 1990 and 2000 and aerial ortho-photos. CORINE LAND COVER - 44 categories nomenclature; Land Use / Land Cover 2000 (CLC2000).
Control and assessment of the land use / cover 1990 and changes; Correction - Calibration of CLC90 reference layer (CLC1990, LCC1990-2000).




  • Design, implementation and utilization GIS - RDBMS Systems
  • Digitization and processing cartographic data
  • Processing and photointerpretation satellite images