Land Use / Land Cover Mapping


Land Use / Land Cover thematic products and LULC changes monitoring (continental to local scale).

Additional information: Density (urban settlements, forest areas, etc), Structure (area - type & density based, fragmentation & connectivity based indicators), Quality of environment / landscape,  etc.

Input Data: Aerial / satellite imagery, in situ data collection & existing data (archives).


Urban Atlas data production for the greater Athens areas, 1998, EC-JRC

Integration of ATLAS Databases, 1999, EC-JRC

Photointerpretation of LANDSAT TM imagery to create a Land Use/Cover Map, for the Hellenic Statistical Authority, 2001, HEMCO

Update of the Corine Land Cover data base for the year 2000, 2004, HEMCO

Edition of eco-touristic maps of the Prespa area, 2008, S.P.P

EOEUROPA - ANNEX H: Urban Development, 2012, ESA